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Who We are

Who We are

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About Monband

Starting from 1995 as agriculture technology service part of Jitai Group, Monband is now leading manufacturer of water soluble fertilizer globally.

With 300 employees and 41,000sqm plant, Monband is capable of 100,000mts annual output,which makes Monband one of the top.

Dedicated in R&D,production,sales of water soluble fertilizer and agriculture service, Monband aims to serve global farmers and become a respected enterprise.

Monband Philosophy

Monband Core Value

Let's start,For You,For Me and For Agriculture.

Monband Mission

Serve Global Farmers.

Monband will work together with the whole industry chain to create the most valuable water soluble fertilizer enterprise.

Work Theme

Increase Efficiency, Optimize Cost, Precise Management.

Guiding Ideology

Innovate Thinking, Seize opportunity, sustainable development.

Company Vision

Better Life, Higher Value, Respected Enterprise.

Monband Culture

Monband is located in Zhao County,where the oldest stone arch bridge,The Zhaozhou Bridge in China as well as in the world was built one thousand and four hundred years ago. As icon of Zhao County and China National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit, The Zhaozhou Bridge symbolizes the relationship between Monband and customers.

We join hands to realize mutually beneficial win-win cooperation.



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