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InMay2009,Monbandwatersolublefertilizercompanyregisteredsuccessfully.Monbandbegantoproducefoliarfertilizers,macroelement,secondaryandtraceelementwatersolublefertilizersin2010.Sofar,Monbandhasbecomeoneoftheleadingandprofessionalmanufacturersofwatersolublefertilizersintheworld.Monbandhasit'sownfactoryandcanprovidecustomersaseriesofproducts,suchaswatersolubleNPK(+TE)series,MAP,CalciumNitrate,CALMAG,SOP,ASN,ANPandetc.Withapioneeringattitudeofimprovingthequalityandyieldofcropsworldwide,Monbandlooksforwardtoafuturethatcontributestotheglobalagriculturedeveloping.Inordertomakeproductsbetterknowntoworldwidecustomers,Monbandwillrecruitagentsallovertheworld.Moredetails,contactus! Email:andrewwxa@jitainy.comTel:+86031180959693

In May 2009, Monband water soluble fertilizer company registered successfully. Monband began to produce foliar fertilizers, macro element, secondary and trace element water soluble fertilizers in 2010. So far, Monband has become one of the leading and professional manufacturers of water soluble fertilizers in the world. Monband has it's own factory and can provide customers a series of products, such as water soluble NPK(+TE) series, MAP, Calcium Nitrate, CALMAG, SOP, ASN, ANP and etc. With a pioneering attitude of improving the quality and yield of crops worldwide, Monband looks forward to a future that contributes to the global agriculture developing. In order to make products better known to worldwide customers, Monband will recruit agents all over the world.

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Email: andrewwxa@jitainy.com

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