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IFTEX 2018-Kenya's Flower Industry Expo


IFTEX 2018-Kenya's Flower Industry Expo

Events and Expo
2018/05/25 00:00
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Monbandwillattendthe Kenya'sFlowerIndustryExpoTime:6-8,June,2018Place: Nairobi,KenyaBoothNumber:F2.10MonbandPersonnel: Mr.PeterLi,InternationaltradingdepartmentdirectorMr.TommyTian,TerritorymanagerofKenyaWelcometovisitourboothandcontactus:info@jitainy.com

Monband will attend the Kenya's Flower Industry Expo

Time: 6-8,June,2018

Place: Nairobi,Kenya

Booth Number:F2.10

Monband Personnel: 

Mr.Peter Li, International trading department director

Mr.Tommy Tian, Territory manager of Kenya

Welcome to visit our booth and contact us: info@jitainy.com