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Amazing news: CCTV interviewed Monband(BOOTH 4F24) on Shanghai CAC fair


Amazing news: CCTV interviewed Monband(BOOTH 4F24) on Shanghai CAC fair

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2015/01/19 00:00
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Amazingnews:CCTVinterviewedMonband(BOOTH4F24)onShanghaiCACfairAtMarch,6-8th,2014,the15thChinaInternationalAgrochemicalandCropProtectionExhibition(CAC2014)andtheFifthChinaInternationalFertilizerShow(FSHOW)inShanghainewinternationalexpocenter,EveryonehasfocusedonMonband(booth4F24). CCTVnewsreporterinterviewedMonbandforeigntrademanagerPeterLi.Inthisinterview,Monbandmanagerdiscussedwatersolublefertilizerandtrend,alongwithanumberofitemsfromMonbandwatersolublefertilizer.MonbanddevelopmentandwatersolublefertilizertrendwerepublishedinCACfertilizermagazine.March,8th,2014isstillaveryimportantdayatCACfair.Monbandsincerelyinviteallourfriendstovisitourbooth4F24andsendemailtous.
Amazing news: CCTV interviewed Monband(BOOTH 4F24) on Shanghai CAC fair

At March,6-8th,2014, the 15th China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC 2014) and the Fifth China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW) in Shanghai new international expo center, Everyone has focused on Monband ( booth 4F24 ).

CCTV news reporter interviewed Monband foreign trade manager Peter Li. In this interview, Monband manager discussed water soluble fertilizer and trend, along with a number of items from Monband water soluble fertilizer.
Monband development and water soluble fertilizer trend were published in CAC fertilizer magazine.
March,8th,2014 is still a very important day at CAC fair. Monband sincerely invite all our friends to visit our booth 4F24 and send email to us.