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"The second symposium on the application of silicon decomposing strains in agriculture" held successfully


"The second symposium on the application of silicon decomposing strains in agriculture" held successfully

2021/04/25 14:17
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"The second symposium on the application of silicon decomposing strains in agriculture" held successfully


At present, under the macro background of promoting the reduction of fertilizer and pesticide and the voice of quota fertilization, microbial fertilizer has once again become a hot spot and ushered in a new market opportunity. On April 14, sponsored by China Agricultural media, undertaken by Hebei Monband Water Soluble Fertilizer Co., Ltd., and co sponsored by China biostimulant development alliance, the "Second Symposium on agricultural application of silicon solubilizing bacteria" was held in Shijiazhuang,China.



Gao Xiangzhao, chief expert of National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center of Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, Li Jun, director of microbial fertilizer quality inspection center and microbiology Professional Committee of Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, Kang Yaowei, chief expert of plant rhizobia and microbial fertilizer of Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, and CAI kunzheng, vice president of School of resources and environment of South China Agricultural University, Mu juanwei, former deputy director and researcher of Plant Protection Research Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of agricultural reclamation Sciences, Chen Shaorong, special allowance expert of the State Council, chief bioassay scientist of China biostimulants development alliance and member of expert group of chemical fertilizer Professional Committee of China Society of chemical industry, Liu Jian, President of China biostimulants Development Alliance and executive director of Sichuan society of microbiology, Guo Xinglong, chairman and general manager of Hebei Monband water soluble fertilizer Co., Ltd., Meng Guoming, executive deputy general manager, Wu Guangli, deputy general manager and senior engineer, Dou Yongxiu, deputy general manager, Li Boya, assistant general manager and heads of various departments of Monband Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.


Guo Xinglong said, "To make the research on silicon decomposing microorganisms develop for a long time, there will be a real result, which has been the pursuit of Monband. We don't want to make the bacteria that decompose silicon into a product that is eye-catching and hot. We should seriously polish it, make progress bit by bit, and do it for ten or twenty years. Monband hopes that scientists, universities and enterprises who are committed to the research of microorganisms that decompose silicon will participate in the research together.


Fertilizer industry enters into a new format, focusing on research and development of silicon decomposing bacteria


As we all know, silicon plays an important role in plant growth. Whether we can get "Silicon" by natural way without adding silicon and release the "silicon element" stored in the soil becomes a new idea to promote the ecological construction of green mountains and green waters, practice the policy of "reducing fertilizer consumption" of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, maintain ecological balance and realize the efficient utilization of resources.


"In the future, fertilizer development should focus on improving quality and efficiency, making further breakthroughs in labor and labor saving, reducing losses, seeking development in accurate matching, and seeking innovation in process optimization." Gao Xiangzhao pointed out that there are three major directions for the future development of fertilizer: the development of large-scale and facility fertilization; the function and efficiency of fertilizer are mainly simple and efficient; the quality and efficiency should pay attention to improving the quality and optimizing the price. "The main function of silicon in plants is to improve the plant's resistance to adverse conditions." Gao Xiangzhao said that we should lead the industry well with a scientific attitude and method, and lead China's agriculture to a more scientific and healthy development road.


Li Jun made a related report with the theme of "the irreplaceable role of microbial fertilizer in the development of national green agriculture" through video. He said that microbial fertilizer is necessary for the development of green agriculture, and the functional diversity of microbial fertilizer is consistent with the development of national green agriculture. Li Jun pointed out that China's microbial fertilizer industry is in the initial stage of a new format. "The bacterial agent for silicon decomposition is the key research and application of new products in the field of microbial fertilizer. Silicon is an important beneficial element for many important crops. The insufficient supply of available silicon in soil has become a limiting factor for crop yield, quality and stress resistance. Through the research and development of efficient bacteria for silicon decomposition, the effect of silicon decomposition can be achieved. The synergistic effect of silicon and the effectiveness of potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium has the effect of "one bacteria with multiple effects." Li Jun said, "agriculture cannot do without microorganisms. The role of microorganisms is seriously ignored. Whoever makes use of microorganisms will take the lead in the future agriculture."


Silicon is a beneficial element for plant growth, and more than 50% of China's Silicon deficient farmland. The accumulation and distribution of silicon vary greatly among different plants, and silicon absorption is regulated by Si transport genes Cai kunzheng introduced "the important role of silicon in crop nutrition and stress resistance". He said that silicon's plant physiology and crop stress resistance are mainly manifested in four aspects, including enhancing physical resistance, activating biochemical defense response in plants, inducing expression of related genes and proteins, and improving soil micro ecological environment. From the physiological effect of silicon application, silicon affects plant growth and mineral nutrition absorption. The effects on abiotic stress include resistance to metal ions, alleviation of salt stress, enhancement of rice lodging resistance, drought resistance, high temperature resistance and ultraviolet radiation. The effects on biological stress include disease resistance and insect resistance. "Because silicon fertilizer can improve the soil, silicon fertilizer should be applied to polluted farmland and protected land planted for many years." Cai kunzheng said.


At the meeting, Kang Yaowei introduced the development and commercialization of China's first bio silicon fertilizer. It is understood that in 2018, Monband Co., Ltd. cooperated with Kang Yaowei to set up a special microbial R & D team to set up a project for screening a strain or a class of microorganisms with unique ability to decompose silicon. The R & D team used the "enrichment plate high-throughput method" to screen 34 new genera and 206 strains from more than 200000 strains of microbial population, most of which were first reported in the world. After the high temperature resistance, salt resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hemolysis safety test, mixed survival rate test, sporulation rate test and stimulation of crop root growth test, the microbial research and development team finally selected one MB35-5 strain from 206 strains with silicon dissolving ability for commercial development. "Through recent experiments, it is concluded that MB35-5 has anti yellowing and anti premature aging effect on pineapple, anti lodging and anti dry tip effect on Welsh onion, can improve the disease resistance of crops, and improve the germination vigor of plants under low temperature conditions, etc." Kang Yaowei said, "mengbang MB35-5 series products are your right choice."


At the meeting, Liu Jian introduced the advanced nature of biomarkers and the importance of microbial fertilizers. "There are several aspects of the significance of microbial markers, including identification, traceability and tracing of strains; research on metabolites of strain characteristics; research on efficient application mechanism of microbial fertilizer (microbial agent); management upgrading of microbial fertilizer (microbial agent) registration; effective protection of unique functional strains." Liu Jian pointed out that "as an important branch of biological stimulants, microbial fertilizers (microbial agents) will be paid more and more attention to in-depth study of metabolites of functional strains (especially recommended to be included in the registration management). It is imperative to strengthen the basic research of microbial fertilizer (microbial agent) Biomarker Methods and establish efficient and universal Biomarker Methods for the protection and registration management of microbial fertilizer (microbial agent).


The meeting also invited Chen Shaorong, an expert with special allowance from the State Council, chief bioassay scientist of China biostimulants development alliance, and expert group member of fertilizer Professional Committee of Chinese chemical society, to explain the precautions of a good strain bioassay. He stressed that there should be a certain order of bioassay, including laboratory experiment, pot experiment, plot experiment and large-scale demonstration, which should be carried out step by step. At the same time, it should be standardized in the process of bioassay.


Monband strategy is recognized, and field experiments show its real strength


In 2020, at the first symposium on silicon decomposing strains and agricultural application, authoritative experts from all sectors of the industrial chain in the fields of agriculture, fertilizer and microbiology gathered to deeply interpret the importance of silicon in China's agriculture and the application potential of silicon decomposing strains. The strategic thinking of "Monband" won the support of experts and leaders Highly recognized. With the continuous expansion of the test range of "Monband" Silicon Decomposing Strain products and the gradual detailed test data, the popularity of "Monband" Silicon Decomposing Strain products in the domestic market is gradually improving.


It is understood that at present, the crop Technology Department of mengbang shares has carried out more than 460 field trials on 29 crops in 28 provinces for four types of MB35-5 products, and accumulated a large number of field trial data. The data showed that the leaf thickness increased in varying degrees after the application of MB35-5, which laid the data foundation for MB35-5 to improve the light and action ability of crops and increase the yield. It was also concluded that "MB35-5" could effectively activate and decompose silicon in soil, promote the growth of crops, improve the stress resistance of crops, improve the quality and increase the yield. From the simple application of silicon fertilizer, to improve the decomposition capacity of silicon fertilizer and crop absorption capacity, and then to the labeling function of strains, the product positioning has also been confirmed by experts.


At the meeting, Wu Guangli, deputy general manager and senior engineer of Monband Co., Ltd., Liu Yihong, chief technical expert and doctor, and mu juanwei, former deputy director and researcher of Plant Protection Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of agricultural reclamation Sciences, respectively introduced the development of MB35-5 series products, the mechanism of MB35-5 on crops, and the application technology of MB35-5 on rice in cold region.


Wu Guangli introduced in detail the effect of MB35-5 tapping silicon. "As an enterprise, product development should first focus on effect, and then on industrialization. MB35-5 process has mild fermentation and is easy to realize industrialization, which lays a foundation for Monband's products to enter the market. " Wu Guangli stressed that "the discussion of the mechanism is a long process, and the company is actively looking for the cooperation of universities and scientific research units to further study the mechanism." At the same time, Liu Yihong confirmed the safety performance of MB35-5 in grape, ginger, melon, citrus and other field experiments.


Mu juanwei told the meeting about the research progress of MB35-5 application technology in cold region rice. She said, "we set up a variety of concentration experiments in different growth stages and varieties of cold region rice, and repeatedly corrected and verified the results in batches, in order to get the best usage and dosage of MB35-5 in cold region rice. Through the experiment, we come to the conclusion: MB35-5 soaking seeds, different treatments are safe to rice. No deformity or distortion was found after budding. After using MB35-5, the penultimate and penultimate stem nodes were shortened to a certain extent, which played a certain role in lodging resistance of rice. The factors of yield components were increased tillers, high seed setting rate and high 1000 grain weight.


During the whole meeting, the experts put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on MB35-5 to guide the next research and application direction of MB35-5. Wu Jiang believes that this is a professional, authoritative and high-end meeting, and each expert has put forward some enlightening suggestions and ideas to Monband from different angles in their respective fields.

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