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Dose Forms

Dose Forms

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MONBAND has various dose forms of fertilizer available to customize:
1.Tablet Series Product
Diamater speciations:1cm,2cm,3cm,5cm 
  • Effervescent Tablet: effervescent silicon fertilizer,effervescent trace elements,effervescent seaweed essence,effervescent tablets with functional substances
  • Slow-Release Tablets: Urea-Formaldehyde Fertilizer,Slow-Release Fertilizer


2.Clean Liquid Fertilizer
  • Macro elements liquid fertilizer
  • Liquid fertilizer with humic acid
  • Liquid fertilizer with organic matter
  • Lliquid fertilizer with seaweed
  • Liquid fertilizer with amino acid


3.Water Soluble Fertilizer With Humic Acid
Water soluble fertilizer with humic acid is made from molasses containing betaine. Main function contains rooting,root promotion, root cultivation, improve crop resistance to freezing/cold/drought/water/high temperature and other adverse environmental capabilities, promote growth, improve quality.
4.Water Soluble Fertilizer With Amino Acid
  • Two processing forms: Powder and Fluid
  • Formula can be customized to improve crop immunity
  • Formula can be customized for sweetening, coloring and promoting early maturation

5.Suspending Tehcnology
  • Appearance similar to oil;
  • Material disperse in water;
  • Stable,not crystallized,not precipitated;
  • Can make into different customized colors

6.Coated Fertilizers
  • The most advanced in situ reaction film-forming controlled release technology.
  • Accurate controlled release.
  • Nutrient release is consistent with crop growth.

7.High Shear Granulation Tech Micro Granular

Good fluidity, fast and full dissolving; variety of formulas (trace elements water-soluble fertilizers, humic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizers).