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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

1. Patent for invention:A granulation process for secondary elements water-soluble fertilizers.

2. Patent for invention:A granulation process for Potassium Sulpahte.

3. patent for utility models:A rapid caking test device for fertilizers.

4. Patent pending:A synergistic composition for water-soluble fertilizers and its preparation method and application.

5. Patent pending:A broccoli-specific foliar fertilizer and application method.

6. Patent pending:The secondary elements foliar fertilizers with acacia gum.

7. Patent pending:Silicon-resolving Bacillus Aryabhattai and its use.

8. Scientific research project:Secondary elements water-soluble fertilizers pilot test and industrialization innovation fund project. 

9. Scientific research project:Environmentally friendly multifunctional water-soluble fertilizer technology project with an annual output of 50,000 tons.

10. Scientific research project:Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


Award and Honor

1. "MONBAND" won the well-known trademark and was approved by the State Intellectual Property Office Trademark Office to extend its protection;

2. Five major products have obtained EU REACH certification;

3. Obtained SGS certification from Alibaba;

4. Outstanding Achievement Award of China Overseas Agricultural Development Industry Alliance;

5. Passed ISO90001:2015 international quality management system certification;

6. Passed ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification;

7. Passed OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification;

8. “Monband" and "Kunka" were identified as well-known trademarks in Hebei Province;

9. High-tech enterprises in Hebei Province;

10. Science and technology giant enterprises in Hebei Province;

11. Hebei Province Honesty Enterprise;

12. Shijiazhuang Enterprise Technology Center;

13. "Civilized Unit" in Shijiazhuang;

14. "Kading" NPK water-soluble fertilizers were identified as famous brand products of small and medium enterprises in Hebei Province;

15. China's Top 100 Water-soluble Fertilizer Exporters;

16. 2017 China's top ten water-soluble fertilizer enterprises;

17. The 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of Shijiazhuang City, the "industrial casting soul" outstanding enterprise and outstanding entrepreneur award.

18. CAC recommended suppliers;

19. Youcheng Entrepreneur Poverty Alleviation Fund awarded Monband the title of "Social Innovation Enterprise";

20. The best cooperative manufacturer of agricultural dealers in China in 2019.


Industry Position 

1Certificate of enterprise credit  grade-AAA

2Member of International fertilizer association (IFA)

3Member of China agricultural production circulation association

4Vice chairman unit of China soil and fertilizer industry alliance

5Vice chairman  unit of China overseas agricultural development industry alliance

6Vice chairman unit of china-asean chamber of commerce

7Council member of the chamber of commerce of agricultural industry

8Beijing, tianjin and hebei water and fertilizer integration industry innovation alliance vice chairman unit

9Vice chairman unit of hebei soil and fertilizer association

10Chairman unit of hebei fertilizer association

11Vice President unit of hebei vegetable association

12New fertilizer application and promotion alliance (UAF) executive director unit

13Governing unit of hebei international chamber of commerce