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Green Bean

Green Bean

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Monband Fertilization Project For Green Bean


Products: V-Wood + Fluent B Fertilizer


On 16th April, 2020 Monband team went back to Chongzuo, a city in Guangxi Province of China, for the after sales visiting. Under client’s guiding, they checked the function of Monband Fertilization Project on the green bean plant.



Monband Fertilization Project

Date: 9th April, 2020

Place: Chongzuo City, Guangxi Province, China

Plant: Green Bean

Aims: Improve growth, Increase podding, Advance maturity, Prevent yellowing and premature.

Feeding Package: V-Wood + Fluent B

V-Wood 150kg per ha broadcasting

Fluent B 1:1000 water solution, foliar spraying 


One week after Monband Fertilization Project

Date: 16th April, 2020

Overall Contrast: The treated group plants are thriving growth with dark green color, their leaves are less yellowing than controlled group plants.



Detail Contrast: The treated group plants are flowering early with double podding, they are bigger podding and less infection of leaves than controlled group plants, which is almost single podding with yellowing and weak leaves.



Summary: The Monband Fertilization Project has good effect on Green Bean. It obviously improve the green bean yield, advance flowering and maturitytime, increase double poddingand prevent leaves from yellowing and premature.


Followed is the product introduction of V-Wood and Fluent B Fertilizer.






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