How to help farmers
Medicilon has been developing new technologies over the years, integrating emerging methods of green chemistry into its services, using currently popular photoredox chemistry, electrochemisty, catalyst screening, continuous reactions, etc., to provide our customers with high-quality economic solutions.
Highly experienced in different types of photochemistry reactionsFull capacity for the synthesis of a variety of catalysts for photocatalytic reactionsStrong expertise in photoredox chemistry
One-stop Process R&D Service

Medicilon's Process Department aims to meet customers' needs for a one-stop service for API development, and to utilize our extensive medicinal chemistry experience to efficiently drive our customers' drug development projects, to facilitate the development of new drug to enter earlier into the clinical phase, and to effectively help our customers to control the costs of development.

From CRO to CDMO

Medicilon Process Department can not only perform R&D, testing and stability studies of generic drugs for customers, but can also deliver R&D, production, testing and stability studies of innovative drugs in clinical phase I and phase II,developing from process R& to industrial commercial production and transforming from CRO to CDMO