Aryabhata Biology Silicon Fertilizer

Through high-throughput targeted screening methods by Chinese and American scientists, it has been discovered over a period of 5 years that Bacillus subtilis has silicon solubilizing and growth promoting functions, with three internationally leading technologies. Three Chinese patents have been authorized, and the US patents have been made public. It has a dual labeling system for both genetic and biological markers.




·Increase production and improve quality

·Improve stress resistance (high temperature resistance, drought resistance, frost resistance, salt resistance, etc.)

·Improve the resistance to pests and diseases

·Improve photosynthesis

·Improve soil and promote nutrient absorption

·Reduce the toxicity of metal ions

·Improve the resilience and strength of plant physiological structure



Dual patent: independently developed with intellectual property rights, registered with domestic and foreign patent strains

Dual labeling: using biological and genetic calibration to track strains

Strong vitality: resistant to acid, alkali, and salt; Wide adaptability when mixed with most pesticides/fertilizers

Super strong silicon dissolution: effectively activate mineral silicon in soil, quickly and stably increase soil effective silicon concentration

Safe to use: Good for human and animal safety, double the safety of use

Patent certificate

US 2021/0002604 A1

ZL 201910161378.2