Multiple Biostimulants Technology

MBT (Multiple Biostimulants Technology) it is a technology of preparing aclass of multiple biological stimulators from microbial enzymatic hydrolysis oflignite (weathered coal). The products of this technology mainly include humicacid, fulvic acid,polysaccharides, and amino acids ( B- Aanine, L-lsoleucine.L-proline, and various microbial secretions. This technology utilizes thepatented strain of Bacillus brevis (patent number ZL 2021 1 0495979.4) from Monband Biotechnology and the debating bacteria (patent number ZL 2021 10497189. X) to produce a product with a neutral pH. The correspondingproducts can be produced into organic water-soluble fertilizers, humic acidcontaining water-soluble fertilizers, organic inorganic compound fertilizers,composite microbial fertilizers, organic fertilizers, bio organic fertilizers, soilconditioners,etc. This technology can be used for water-based (includingsuspended dosage forms). granular (including microparticles), etc to meet thefertilizer needs of different crops and fertilization scenarios.




The MBT series of products are a diverse biostimulant mainly based on microbial enzymatichydrolysis of mineral derived humic acid. They contain various biostimulants such as humicacid, amino acids, and organic acids, which can improve soil particle structure, balance soilpH, improve crop stress resistance, and improve nutrient utiization efhciency.



The MBT series suspension dosage form products are produced using nano suspensiontechnology, maximizing the retention of a variety of highly active natural organic substancesand microbial metabolites.

The MBT series microparticle products are produced using a speclal production process toproduce 0.1mm-1.5mm particle products. This product has the advantages of uniform sprayinglow EC value, safety, and not burning the root system, and is closer to the seeds.

Patent certificate

ZL 202110497189.X

ZL 202110495979.4