Citrus Fruit Preservation Tips and Nutritional Management
Release date:2024-05-15
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Citrus Fruit Preservation Tips and Nutritional Management


Citrus into the flower shedding period, a physiological fruit drop period, but also the first and second critical period of fruit preservation. The field management work at this stage is especially important. In order to protect the quantity and quality of fruit, fruit farmers usually use ring cutting, control slightly, hormone fruit preservation and other initiatives. This often ignores the multiple nutritional collocation, which ultimately leads to more flowers and fewer fruits.



1. Fruit retention management


Pure flowering branches are more nutritious and retain fruit earlier. The flowering period of spring tips with flowers is relatively late, we can arrange flower shaking and fruit preservation according to the actual situation.



2. Fruit stabilization


After a chemical fruit preservation, in order to ensure the stabilization of fruit set, we need to supplement the nutrients to promote the rapid greening of young fruits. It is recommended to apply MBT PULI-NANO (diluted 300 times), a root-strengthening and fruit-stabilizing fertilizer, after the first fruit preservation.



3. Tip control


Summer buds will sprout from the top, peripheral spring tips of vigorous trees. The specific operation is as follows:



(1)Control summer shoots, is about to enter the second physiological fruit drop stage, summer shoots growth will rob the young fruit nutrition caused by physiological fruit drop.


(2)For the fruit sold late without winter pruning of fruit trees, you can carry out a light pruning, repair the fruit of the long spring tips.


(3)For nutritional control, MBT PULI-NANO program can be applied to the roots of the crop.