Plant biostimulants - an important solution for sustainable agriculture
Release date:2023-10-07
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How can biostimulants contribute to climate smart agriculture?
Biostimulants stimulate the natural growth process of plants when they are most needed by improving nutrient utilization and crop quality. This enables plants to achieve optimal yield under unfavorable environmental conditions, making farmers profitable and sustainable.

How can biostimulants support farmers to achieve sustainable agriculture?
In combination with organic and mineral fertilizers, biostimulants can have a real impact on the need to address food loss and waste while adopting climate friendly practices and ensuring farm profitability.


Nutrient use efficiency: Biostimulants can improve nutrient use efficiency by better root development or improving soil nutrient availability, so that plants can absorb more nutrients and water. All these functions help to reduce nutrient loss to the environment and optimize fertilizer use.

Soil health: Some biostimulants can improve soil health and fertility by improving soil parameters and functions. This will also have a positive impact on soil restoration and water use efficiency, which is also the key to ensuring long-term soil fertility.

Resistance/tolerance to climate change: Biostimulants can enhance abiotic stress tolerance of plants, such as drought or extreme temperature. The use of biostimulants can help mitigate the negative effects of climate change and extreme weather. It is particularly important for farmers to adapt to the changing climate conditions for their farming operations.

Crop quality: Biostimulants can improve crop quality, contribute to more vigorous and healthy plants, which in turn can lead to reduced food waste. At the same time, they can improve the quality and output, so as to maintain the profitability and sustainability of farmers. Solving food loss and waste is the key to achieving sustainable development.

PULI-NANO is a MBT nano suspension product of Monband, which contains four natural ingredients. The total content of humic acid is up to 150g/L, and the ratio is reasonable to improve the soil. It has its unique differentiation and advantages from raw materials, processes, components and other aspects. The suspension made by three-stage wet nano grinding process maintains high content of natural active ingredients.

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