Customized NPK+TE water soluble fertilizer/accept customer-made all NPK fertilizer for agriculture
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It is mainly used in the reproductive phase to stimulate flower and fruit production.
100% rapid dissolution, no sediment, especially suitable for drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation system.

High absorption and utilization rate can quickly solve the symptoms of yellow leaves, short stature, premature aging, dead leaves and fruit malformation caused by crop deficiency.
100% chelated TE can avoid nutrients being fixed by the soil and activate nutrients in the soil, urthermore effectively avoid the competition and antagonism between nutrients, the absorption and utilization rate of metallic trace elements is higher than that of inorganic trace element.

* Weak acidity is suitable for crop growth.
* High quality nutrients, free of chloride, sodium and any other detrimental elements for plants. No soil harden with long-term fertilization.
* Ultra low heavy metal content, safe and non-toxic.