Humic acid Organic Soluble Fertilizer
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Humic acid Organic Soluble Fertilizer monband fertilizer suspension fertilizer for agriculture soil

MBT is an active substance composed of a class of nature biostimu-lants produced from microbial enzymatic hydrolysis of mainly contains humic acid,fulvic acid,polysaccharides, amino acids(B-alanine,L-isoleucine acid,L-proline, Anthranilic acid,etc.)secre-tions of various microoorganisims, etc. The pH value is 6.5-7.5

MONBAND MBT PULI-NANO Liquid is recommended in poor soil conditions to enhance cation exchange capacity, and soil fertility. The presence of active humic extracts (long chain) in our formula has a positive effect on the uptake on all nutrients. Furthermore, it increases Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and reduces leaching.
• Improves root and shoot growth with high quality buds
• Increases Cation-Exchange-Capacity of the soil
• Developed for fertigation in open field crops and for soil injection
• Soil improvement: Adjust soil pH value, improve soil salinization, soil microbial activity, soil physical and chemical properties, soil aggregate structure, and improve soil water retention.
• Promote root growth: Improve plant growth activity; stimulate the growth of crop roots and aboveground parts.