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MicroMore Monband Micro Granular Fertilizer Water Soluble High-Shear Granulation Chelated Tech Trace Elements Fertilizers

* Unique micro granulation technology
* Rich in essential trace elements of plants
* Fast dissolution speed
* Higher absorption and utilization
* Environmentally friendly

• Using unique micro granulation technology, it has good fluidity that it won' t caking for long-term storage, and it can dissolve in water rapidly, easy to apply

• Rich in essential trace elements of plants, effectively prevent and correct physiological diseases such as yellowing, leaflet disease, and flowers & fruits drop caused by lack of trace elements, improve fruits yield and quality

• Add Lignin sulfonate to complex with trace elements, avoid being fixed by leaves, have higher absorption and utilization, and the Lignin sulfonate can be decomposed, which is safe for plants and environment.