How to improve the quality of strawberries
Release date:2024-04-01
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How to improve the quality of strawberries

Currently, all regions of the country have entered a period of continuous strawberry picking.Along with the ripening of batches of strawberries, the quality of the fruit is gradually declining.Currently, the price of strawberries has dropped.Strawberry growers are looking for ways to increase their financial returns.Improving fruit quality has become an important measure for growers to increase the selling price of strawberries.


How to improve the quality of strawberries


1. Temperature and humidity should be appropriate

We need to be aware of the difference between day and night temperatures in the shed.Keep the shed temperature at 20-25°C during the day and 8-10°C at night.The temperature at night should not be too high or it will cause the plant to grow in vain.If the temperature drops below 8°C at night, we need to take timely measures to keep warm.This favors the development of the strawberry fruit.



2. Precise control of water and fertilizer

Water and fertilizer are inseparable.How can we tell if our strawberries need watering?We can observe the presence of spitting water at the edge of the leaves in the morning.If the strawberries are spitting water, it means that they are growing well and are more hydrated.If the strawberries are not spitting water, the crop is dehydrated or the roots are damaged.Watering should be done in small quantities and can be fertilized once every 5-6 days.Watering is best done in the morning hours when the weather is sunny.After watering, wait for the ground temperature to rise before ventilating to remove moisture.



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