Monband® Carbon Verification Certificates are Freshly Released
Release date:2024-03-28
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Monband® Carbon Verification Certificates are Freshly Released


On January 15, 2024, Monband® released a verification report of its greenhouse gas emissions.Monband® completes the verification and measurement of greenhouse gas data generated during production and office processes.


On January 25th, Monband® was awarded a Carbon Verification Certificate.This signifies that Monband® meets the standard for greenhouse gas emissions.Monband® realizes the first step towards a sustainable development strategy and scientific carbon goals.



The Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2023, released by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), states : Global average surface temperature increase of 1.1°C in 2011--2020 compared to 1850--1900.The best estimate of global warming for the period 2021--2040 will be 1.5 °C.Therefore, actions to reduce carbon emissions should not be delayed.


First, Monband® has elevated sustainability to the top of its corporate strategy.We develop a scientific, comprehensive and systematic sustainable development strategy and establish the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTI) as an important part of our sustainable development strategy.We will develop a series of corporate carbon reduction measures around SBTI to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis.


Secondly, Monband® aims to reduce agricultural emissions by increasing investment in research and optimizing product technology.MBT©-PULI series of products, prepared from multifaceted biostimulants.It’s rich in humic acid, xanthic acid, amino acids and many other nutrients.The product stimulates soil activity through microorganisms, which can effectively improve the soil and increase the utilization rate of fertilizer.At the same time, the MBT©-PULI product line utilizes a "clean production" model. This ensures that 100% of all products can be used in agricultural production.


Carbon verification is the way for Monband® to practice low-carbon, green, coordinated and sustainable development.In the future, Monband® will continue to promote the practical aspects of science-based carbon goals to reduce energy and resource consumption.We hope to seek a win-win situation between enterprise development and ecological protection, and help build a beautiful China and a green earth.