Winter pruning management of Shine-Muscat
Release date:2024-03-25
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Winter pruning management of Shine-Muscat


Pruning is one of the top winter jobs for Shine-Muscat.Pruning in the broadest sense is the removal of living branches, new shoots, leaves and other nutrient organs of a plant.



This article focuses on winter pruning management of Shine-Muscat.Helping fruiting parts and fruiting branches to take their rightful place on the tree by adjusting the loading capacity of the tree and branch tips.Favorable to promote the quality and yield of Shine-Muscat.


1. Pay attention to the pruning time


Prune when the plant is dormant and nutrient return is adequate.The time is usually 15-20 days after leaf fall.At the latest, end pruning before the plant enters the wound flow stage.The time is usually before the ground temperature rises to 5℃.



2. Leave buds as uniform as possible


The fruiting branches are evenly distributed, which is conducive to the full utilization of photosynthesis in Shine-Muscat.


3. Harmonization of bud retention positions


Shine-Muscat sprouting is influenced by apical dominance, with higher buds sprouting faster.Therefore, we need to ensure that the physiological height of the buds is consistent when pruning.



4.Protective stakes for retained plants


When pruning Shine-Muscat, it is often necessary to retain a 2cm plant protection stake.