How to set buds and tips for Shine-Muscat
Release date:2024-05-03
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How to set buds and tips for Shine-Muscat


As temperatures rise in the spring, the important field work of bud setting ensues.What grape buds consume is the nutrients stored in the tree. At this point the leaves are not yet photosynthesizing and cannot replenish the tree with nutrients. Therefore, we need to carry out a wiping operation to centralize the supply of nutrients and ensure the normal development of the buds.


1.Retain with flower buds


Ensuring yield is our primary goal. The first thing to do is to keep the buds with flowers. At the pom pom stage, the buds are observed to be flowering or not, which can be judged by the criterion of "flat head with flowers, pointed head without flowers". Flowering buds tend to be fuller as the inner florets develop, and the tops of the buds are often flat. At the same time, the buds usually have red dots, and two red dots usually have flowers.


2.Retain strong flowers


When a two-bud pruned branch has two buds, one above the other with flowers, it is recommended to keep the lower bud. This helps to avoid increased outward movement of the fruiting branch. However, due to the existence of apical dominance, the upper bud is usually stronger than the lower bud. In this case, if the lower bud is flowering, the upper bud can be removed in time. Without the suppression of the upper bud, the lower bud will develop quickly. But if the lower bud is too weak or flowerless, you can only leave the strong and remove the weak.


3.Retain outward-facing buds


Shine-Muscat of the branches belong to the more brittle in the grape, it is easy to break when tying branches. We need to fully consider the orientation of the branches when we wipe the buds and set the tips. Some of the branches facing inward and downward, even if retained, it is difficult to tie the branch normally, it is better to wipe off in time when fixing the branch.


4.Branch density should not be too dense


Before wiping the buds and setting the tips, we need to determine the yield and finalize the amount of buds according to the yield. For positions where the fruiting mother branches are too widely spaced, two branches can be retained to supplement them. For the position of the fruiting mother branch is too dense, you need to erase the excess buds. This will prevent the leaves from shading each other at a later stage, which makes it difficult to expand the fruits even if they are hanging.