Bagging tips for Shine-Muscat
Release date:2024-06-13
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Bagging tips for Shine-Muscat


After Shine-Muscat enters the second expansion period, bagging is on the agenda as maturity approaches. One of the key points of bagging is to ensure that the surface of the fruit is clean. This helps to keep the skin of the fruit delicate and improves the overall quality. At the same time, it prevents direct sunlight, reduces sunburn, isolates the fruit from pests, birds and subsequent chemicals, and prevents contamination of the fruit surface.


If the time of bagging is too early, isolated from sunlight, the photosynthesis of the fruit grain itself stops, which will affect the expansion rate of the fruit grain. At the same time, the transpiration of the fruit grain itself will be affected, affecting the absorption of calcium, high temperature prone to gas burn. If the time of bagging is too late, the fruit surface is easily affected, pests and diseases lead to fruit and leaf cuts and injuries. Or late pharmaceutical residues, will have a negative impact on the quality of the fruit. Therefore, we need to ensure that the fruit surface is not affected, try to delay the bagging time. Generally in the fruit grains began to soft fruit, 20-30 days before picking.


Bag classification: according to the colour, can be divided into green, blue, white, three-colour bag four.


White bags, light transmission is good, the fruit is easy to change colour on the sugar, easy to mature earlier. However, due to early maturity, fruit yellowing fast, soft fruit fast, the second expansion time is short, the particles are relatively small, but also not conducive to stay fresh. This is suitable for early promotion in the region, once the fruit is ripe, can be picked immediately.


Green bags, which had the best suppression of fruit rust, had the greatest impact on fruit ripening to sugar. Compared to white bags, fruit in green bags ripened later for sugar, were slower to soften, and had larger grains.


Some regions prefer to keep large bunches of Shine-Muscat. when the crop is in the late stage of growth, due to the large difference between the upper and lower grains of the bunches in the time of sugar, the bottom sugar is low, you can choose to use three-coloured bags, the upper blue and lower white, to promote the lower grains of sugar, which is conducive to ensuring that the whole bunch of grains of the same degree of ripeness.


Bag classification: according to the material, can be divided into two kinds of paper bags, non-woven bags.


Non-woven bags are more expensive and better quality than paper bags. Compared to paper bags, non-woven bags have better air permeability, more conducive to calcium absorption, high temperature crop sunburn, gas burn degree is less. Although some growers will punch holes in the paper bag to increase air permeability, but the effect is still not as good as non-woven bags.