Precautions for Shine-Muscat after bagging
Release date:2024-06-19
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Precautions for Shine-Muscat after bagging


It is difficult to observe the growth of Shine-Muscat bunches after bagging. Therefore, it is necessary to do all the work comprehensively before bagging.


1.In terms of pests and diseases, comprehensive prevention and killing is needed before bagging. For example, downy mildew, anthracnose and other diseases. At the same time, after the medicine should be bagged as soon as possible, to avoid secondary contamination of pathogens. It should be noted that the liquid should be carried out after the liquid is dry, otherwise the liquid in the fruit bag is not dry for a long time, it is easy to produce drug damage.


2.For Shine-Muscat parks that did not remove all small bunches in the early stage, screening should be carried out before bagging. Remove small bunches and bunches that are not held tightly. Remove small and diseased grains from the bunches in time. Avoid affecting the price of the whole park due to some secondary fruits.


3.The period after bagging is prone to sour rot. We need to promptly remove the diseased grains and dip the whole bunch of spikes with a medicinal agent, or remove the whole bunch and take the diseased fruits out of the park and clean them thoroughly.


4.Do not bag in hot weather and when the fruit temperature is high. Avoid heat that does not dissipate and aggravates the occurrence of gas burn. Please try to do this in the afternoon after the fruit surface temperature has dropped.


5.When bagging, try to support the fruit bag. It helps to reduce the cut on the fruit surface and avoid the formation of fruit rust.