Citrus nutrient management to build tree strength
Release date:2024-07-02
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Citrus nutrient management to build tree strength


In June each year, citrus enters the period of rapid fruit expansion and summer tip growth. As the crop is affected by fruit preservation and new growth in the early stage, the overall fertiliser application is low. Crop growth is dominated by tree nutrition, resulting in weaker trees. In order to ensure rapid fruit expansion, we need to supplement nutrition for citrus in a timely manner. It is beneficial to promote rapid fruit expansion.


At the same time, along with the expansion of the fruit, the crop's demand for calcium is also increasing. Field management at this time, you can appropriately retain some of the late summer tips. To reduce sunburn caused by direct sunlight (sun fruit). For nutritional management, MBT PULI-NANO (diluted 200 times) is recommended.

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Nutritional management:

1. Open ditch and bury fertiliser

Most of the citrus fruit land, have the habit of opening ditches to bury fertiliser. However, it is time-consuming and inefficient to open ditches. For long fruit hanging time, late fruit picking, winter and spring failed to bury fertiliser in time, it is recommended to spread MBT PULI-KE (2-4 kg/plant). Organic and inorganic double nutrition, promote fruit expansion, do not flush the tip.


2. Medium tree strength

Recommended water and fertiliser application Monband®Da Tong® Balanced (19-19-19) 0.2-0.3 kg/plant + MBT PULI-NANO (diluted 200 times). Root growth, root nourishment, and fruit expansion promotion.

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3. Weak trees

At this time, should be root nourishment, rooting. Recommended water fertiliser is MBT PULI-NANO (diluted 200 times) + Monband®Da Tong® Balanced (19-19-19) 0.1-0.2 kg/plant.


1. Due to heavy precipitation, please do a good job of orchard drainage to prevent root composting caused by waterlogged orchards.

2. Due to the overall weakness of the tree this year, soil fertiliser needs to be strengthened with organic matter and humic acid-based products.