Try MBT PULI-NANO for betel nut blossom and fruit preservation
Release date:2024-07-04
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Try MBT PULI-NANO for betel nut blossom and fruit preservation


As we enter June, betel nut trees are hanging fruits in large quantities. Fruit drop has become a major problem for growers. In order to improve the fruit set rate of betel nut trees, the first step should be to understand the causes of flower and fruit drop in the tree.


1. Climate factors


Climatic effects are the most important cause of massive flower and fruit drop in betel nut. High temperature and dry climatic conditions will shorten the development days of male and female flowers, resulting in stunted male flowers or early withering. Before the female flowers can be pollinated and fertilised, the stamen stigmas will have dried up, resulting in insufficient pollination. Secondly, this climate can stress the development of female flowers or young fruits. Flowers and fruits are easily washed away by rain.


2.Nutritional factors


Inadequate tree nutrition can also cause betel nut to drop flowers and fruits. Betel nut is multi-batch flowering and fruiting. Betel nut is also a perennial fruit tree of special habit in which reproductive growth is synchronised with nutritive growth. All these are constantly consuming nutrients. If the betel nut tree is weak or the tree is undernourished, poor flower and fruit development, coupled with high temperature and drought and other adverse climatic stress, will inevitably exacerbate the phenomenon of blossom and fruit drop. In addition, high temperature and dry climate will inhibit the growth of betel nut's lateral root system and aerial roots, thus affecting nutrient uptake and failing to meet the growth requirements of the tree and flowers and fruits. The growth of the plant and the development of flowers and fruits are also inhibited to varying degrees, leading to fruit and flower drop.


Therefore, if betel nut wants to keep flowers and fruits, we should focus on solving the two problems of high temperature and dry climate as well as tree nutrition.


We can address the problem of a hot, dry climate with sensible water regulation. Growers can increase the frequency of watering and reduce the duration of a single watering. Maintain field humidity by watering little and often. This will create a favourable environment for betel nut pollination.

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To deal with the problem of insufficient nutrients in the tree, we should do to conserve the root system and ensure sufficient supply of nutrients. Monband® MBT PULI-NANO® (3 kg/mu) is recommended to maintain the root system and replenish the soil organic matter to promote nutrient uptake and utilisation by the tree.