Precautions for Shine-Muscat after bagging
It is difficult to observe the growth of Shine-Muscat bunches after bagging. Therefore, it is necessary to do all the work comprehensively before bagging.
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Bagging tips for Shine-Muscat
After Shine-Muscat enters the second expansion period, bagging is on the agenda as maturity approaches. One of the key points of bagging is to ensure that the surface of the fruit is clean. This helps to keep the skin of the fruit delicate and improve…
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Science-Based Targets Initiative(SBTi) Monband® Commitment
SBTi has officially acknowledged the Letter of Commitment submitted by Monband. Under SBTi, Monband will set emission reduction targets and a long-term net-zero goal to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions consistent with the 1.5C temperature l…
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MBT PULI Products Helps Grape Crops Nourish Roots and Strengthen Trees
Unstable temperatures, insufficient light, and relatively large temperature differences are all important causes of weak Shine-Muscat trees. When the tree is not strong enough, the Shine-Muscats resilience deteriorates, and problems such as yellow lea…
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Winter jujube flowering management and expansion of water and fertilizer
Winter jujube greenhouses have warm greenhouses, quilt greenhouses, steel frame greenhouses, spring greenhouses, rain greenhouses and other types. Their essential difference lies in the regulation of temperature to promote early warming, early budding…
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